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Detecting Lung Cancer

Understanding Lung Cancer Chances are, you’ve heard the frightening statistics: Cigarette smoking accounts for nearly 90% of all lung cancer cases. In the United States alone, lung cancer leads to 32% of cancer deaths in men and 25% of cancer deaths in women. Perhaps you’ve already taken these numbers to heart and quit smoking, and […]

What the New Cholesterol Guidelines Mean For You

New guidelines released this month by the American Heart Association vastly expand the number of Americans recommended for statin therapy, a medication used to decrease the production of cholesterol. While a debate has begun regarding the validity of the study, there are several doctor-recommended practices for reducing risk of cardiovascular disease through decrease in cholesterol. Cholesterol […]

Snacking Your Way to a Healthy Heart

When you think about snacking, you probably start thinking about “junk food.” While chips and candy are certainly delicious, they have high caloric contents and are filled with loads of sugar and salt. Fortunately snacking doesn’t have to be this way. Eating the right foods in between meals can help reduce hunger cravings, lower cholesterol, […]

Is Your Belly Fat, or Do You Have a Fatty Liver?

Does your belt seem to be getting a bit tighter? What we see as a little weight gain, gas, or constipation, could actually point toward more serious health conditions. Excess abdominal fat has frequently been associated with liver disease, which tends to have few or no symptoms. The lack of symptoms makes liver disease difficult […]