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5 Ways Strengthening Your Core Benefits Your Overall Health

Your core is more than just a group of abdominal muscles – it acts as the center link of a chain connecting your upper and lower body. A strong core gives you a competitive edge in sports, but it also helps you do everyday activities while benefiting your overall health.

Your core muscles include the front abdominal muscles, muscles along the sides of your body, a deep muscle that wraps around the front of your body, and the muscles that run along your spine and between the bones of your spine. Your diaphragm, the muscle that helps you breathe, and the pelvic floor muscles that support your organs are also core muscles.

5 Ways a Stronger Core Improves Your Overall Health

  1. Less back pain

    Core muscles play a major role in stabilizing your body. If you have weak core muscles, your body has to rely on the passive structures in your back, such as the bones, ligaments, and rubbery discs for stability. Relying on these structures, rather than on core muscles, can cause back pain.

  2. Improved balance

    Your core muscles stabilize your body and help you move in nearly every direction without losing your balance. This helps prevent falls that can cause life-altering injuries.

  3. Better exercise performance

    Physical activity is good for your overall health. However, exercise is only beneficial when performed correctly and weak core muscles can prevent you from efficiently exercising. Keeping your core muscles strong helps your body move the way it was meant to, prevents debilitating back injuries, and improves your breathing so that you get the most out of your workout.

  4. Better breathing

    Your diaphragm plays an essential role in breathing – contracting the diaphragm muscle pulls oxygen-rich air into your lungs. Other core muscles, like those in your abdomen and back, help you exhale to get rid of carbon dioxide and other toxins. Strong core muscles help you bring in more oxygen and exhale more efficiently.

  5. Healthier heart

    Exercise can improve the health of your heart and help prevent heart disease. Maintaining a strong core keeps you moving.

Whether you are a novice who is just taking the first steps towards fitness or an elite athlete, a strong core is one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall health. For more information on strengthening your core, speak with a health professional. Schedule an appointment with Virtual Imaging, Inc today by calling 770-730-0119 or by reaching us here.