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Enjoy Better Heart Health in the New Year with these 5 Easy Resolutions

Put your heart into your New Year’s resolutions this year — literally! Make this the year that you improve your cardiovascular health and increase your chances for a long and healthy life.

5 Resolutions for a Healthier Heart in the New Year

  1. Drink more water

    Water helps you stay hydrated, and staying hydrated makes it easier for your heart to pump blood through blood vessels, according to the American Heart Association. Your heart does not have to work as hard when you are hydrated.

  2. Eat less processed food

    Processed food contains a significant amount of salt, calories, and sugar that are bad for heart health. Instead, opt for whole, fresh foods whenever possible. Vegetables and whole grains contain dietary fiber, which fills you up so you feel more satisfied after a meal. Eating a bowl of oatmeal instead of a breakfast burrito or a handful of walnuts instead of a candy bar can lower your cholesterol and improve your heart health.

  3. Address health problems

    Certain health issues, such as high blood pressure and being overweight or obese, can negatively affect your heart health. Resolve to take your blood pressure medication each day and lose weight.

  4. Exercise more

    To improve your overall heart health, the American Heart Association suggests that you aim for at least 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly or 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. You can also combine moderate and vigorous activity, or divide your exercise time into two or three segments every day.

    Even if you cannot meet the time goals set by the American Heart Association, any exercise is better than none at all. Find a couple of heart-healthy activities you really enjoy, such as swimming or cycling, so that you will stay interested. Work out at the same time every day to cultivate your resolution into a daily habit.

  5. Make an appointment for a heart scan

    Virtual imaging with the EBT C300 scanner allows for precise imaging and mapping of your beating heart without blurring and without the need for medication. In other words, this type of heart scan is a fast, easy way to create a clear image of your heart that helps your doctor assess your risk for cardiac disease. Make an appointment with Virtual Imaging, Inc. Imaging Center at 770-730-0119.

A new year means it is time for a new you. Make heart health your number one resolution on this New Year’s Day.