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Heart-Healthy Summer Activities

Summer is a great time to play – warm temperatures and blue skies make summer the best season for outdoor fun. Summer is also a good time to get your heart in shape through exercise and a nutritious diet.

Here are a few summer activities that are fun and good for your cardiovascular health.

Summer Activities that are Great for Your Heart Health


Gardening throws a one-two punch to heart disease – gardening is a great form of exercise and it provides a steady supply of your favorite heart-healthy fruits and vegetables.


Brisk sunrise and sunset walks increase your heart rate, burn calories, and can be done by nearly anyone at nearly any location. If you find that walking outside is too hot or inconvenient, try walking indoors at an air-conditioned gymnasium, mall, or other large building.


Hit the beach or the pool for a refreshing swim. Swimming is a good cardiovascular workout that is easy on the knees and hips. Water provides resistance as you move through it, so you can work out as vigorously as you choose without fear of injury. Swimming laps is also a relaxing way to give your heart and lungs a workout.


Jump into a canoe, rowboat, or kayak for a quick water workout that keeps you cool. If you are not a fan of boating but want to get some heart-healthy exercise near a refreshing waterway, try fishing!


Pushing those pedals is a vigorous cardiovascular workout. You can ride a bike around your neighborhood, at your favorite park, or even hop on a stationary bike at the gym.


Because it is a laid-back sport, many people do not realize golfing is good for your heart when you play without a cart. You might walk as much as four miles when you play the typical round of golf, according to Harvard Medical School, so walking an 18-hole golf course three to five times each week provides the optimal amount of endurance exercise for a healthy heart.

Shop at your local farmer’s market

Many communities now offer farmer’s markets, where you can stroll past dozens of stands featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables. Shopping is a good way to exercise at a gentle pace and fresh produce is an added benefit.

No matter which heart-healthy summer activity you choose, be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially if you have a history of heart problems. Schedule an appointment with a Virtual Imaging specialist to gain more insight on how you can improve your heart health and utilize the summer weather! Call us today at 770-730-0119.