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Did you know?

Together, the diseases listed above account for 90% of the causes of death, disability, or loss of productivity in adult men and women over the age of 40.

Your Colon and Why It’s Important

Your colon is the final part of your gastrointestinal tract, which is part of your digestive system. Your colon is about five feet long and about 2.5 inches in diameter. Your small intestine is actually longer than your large intestine…

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Risk Factors for Lung Cancer

Certain factors increase your risk for lung cancer. Some of these risk factors are changeable, which means you can take action to reduce your risk for developing lung cancer. Other risk factors cannot be changed. Simply having a risk factor…

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How to Improve Your Circulation

If you are an adult and were to stretch all your blood vessels end to end in a straight line, they would measure nearly 100,000 miles long. Every day, the vast network of arteries, veins, and capillaries circulate about 1.2…

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Benefits of Virtual Examinations

In the earliest days of medicine, doctors would use their hands and rudimentary tools to perform physical examinations of the patients they treated. A doctor might press on a patient’s belly to diagnose appendicitis before performing surgery, for example, or…

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Enjoy Better Heart Health in the New Year with these 5 Easy Resolutions

Put your heart into your New Year’s resolutions this year – literally! Make this the year that you improve your cardiovascular health and increase your chances for a long and healthy life. 5 Resolutions for a Healthier Heart in the…

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Make Your Heart Merry with These Holiday Treats

During the holidays, rich decadent foods seem to tempt you at every turn. Christmas cookies call to you from the plate, a giant meal promises all your favorite fixings, and the all-you-can-eat buffets provide an endless selection of unhealthy, yet…

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How to Keep Your Body Warm and Healthy This Winter

Cold weather can cause health problems. A drop in temperature increases your blood pressure, which places an extra burden on your heart. Your body also has to work harder to stay warm during cold weather, and this too causes your…

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Importance of Yearly Check-Ups

Yearly checkups can help your doctor detect and treat minor problems before they become major illnesses. Many health problems are easier to treat in their early stages, so yearly checkups can help you find problems when your chances for treatment…

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Did You Know? Your Posture Affects Your Lungs and Heart

Poor posture contributes to problems in breathing patterns. Doctors see this problem frequently in people who spend a lot of time sitting each day. Maintaining a posture where your shoulders are rounded and your head is forward causes the muscles…

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4 Tips for Holiday Colon Care

You have put up the seasonal decorations, wrapped the gifts, prepared the meal and invited the guests, but have you decided how you will take care of your colon during the holidays? A number of conditions can affect your colon,…

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