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Together, the diseases listed above account for 90% of the causes of death, disability, or loss of productivity in adult men and women over the age of 40.

The LifeTest Health Scan, EBCT and Heart Scan


Learn just how safe and effective an EBCT scan is compared to traditional CT technology.


EBCT scans are an extremely well-researched, trusted and state of the art.

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The most significant advances in diagnostic medicine today are in the area of medical imaging. ‘Virtual’ examinations of internal organs are now a reality. Technology alone, however, does not provide better outcomes for patients.

The skill and experience of physicians is necessary to help patients transform this new information into a useful, cohesive plan. At Virtual Imaging Inc, we recognize the importance of this relationship. We provide accurate information; your physician provides the appropriate treatment.  And that's only part of why you should choose Virtual Imaging Inc.